Dan Kelley

acropolis dogs

bricks lay dead soldiers in grass
bury the house in the basement 
hungry prairie takes the lot in a day
houses like teeth in a rotten mouth
revival revival revival
not here
take your revival
bury it in the yard
in the prairie
only the dogs are there now
the dogs roam the acropolis
hungry blind dogs
the gods have forsaken their temples
the dogs pant in their temples
feeding on the offered bodies
bodies every day
in dumpsters
left in the road
in the river
in the car
in the burning house
in the burning car
the burning river
the dogs in the forest
the dogs in the park
the abandoned dogs that found each other
the dogs that tear apart children
bury them in the yard
bury them in the basement
burn them up in the car
burn them in the river
the river by the temple
the temple of dogs

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