Dan Kelley

I Do Not Care for Google Doodles

Today Google is celebrating that Little Nemo story/comic book/whatever it is. Yay.

Everything becomes google in a google doodle. Van Gogh's Starry Night:

Google logo.

The Declaration of Independence? Doogle it! I realize that the whole idea is to celebrate the thing being doodled, but the effect of making that thing into your own logo, with your own company name, actually makes that thing subordinate to your company. You're not celebrating anything. You're only putting some actual person's life, work of art, milestone, or achievement into service celebrating yourself.

a short play:

Me: Why are you always celebrating the birthdays of obscure scientists, artists, etc. ?

Google: What do you mean, obscure? That's Francisco Gavilondo Soler!

Google is your hip friend who wants to turn you on to whatever cultural artifact he has recently glommed onto. Like that genius who drew Krazy Kat. You know what, hip friend? I don't care about Krazy Kat.

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